Web Design


Your website is an excellent platform to communicate your brand story. LimeMob designs websites that clearly communicate your brand story to your customers and the world. We create custom Squarespace sites that are elegant, simple, and user friendly. Your website is for the people who will use it. We take extra steps to maximize the user experience on both their desktop computers and mobile devices.


Web Design Packages

Basic Web Design 

(Starting at $1500)


(3-4 weeks)

Complete Web Design

(Starting at $3000)


  • All features of Basic Web Design
  • Basic Brand Consultation more
  • Curated Stock Photography more
  • Copywriting Collaboration more

(5-6 weeks)

“Good design is making something intelligible and memorable. Great design is making something memorable and meaningful.”
— Dieter Rams

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Custom Design

Using Squarespace, we design sites that connect brands with their customers. Each site is tailored to fit the needs of our unique clients.

App Integration

These awesome apps do a lot for business. Apps like Sumo, ConvertKit, & Mailchimp. Wicked cool site + app integration = marketing machine!

Video Tutorials

With everything new there’s a learning curve. Why reinvent the wheel? We accelerate the learning process with clear and simple video tutorials.


This is the boring stuff. These are the little tweaks that no one really notices, but pack a big punch. Making sure that the site loads quickly and is easily understood by Google can give that extra push in the Search Engine rankings.


Two weeks email support. We aim to send our clients into website parenthood fully confident when they take their precious baby home. There may still be some questions... that's okay, we got your back.


More and more people are concerned about security on the web. Google has taken this a step further in their Chrome browser. If your customer uses Chrome and goes to a website without SSL, Chrome will tell them that the site is “Not Secure.” I’m guessing you want your customers to see a “Secure” when they come to your site.

Basic Brand Consultation

Not opting for the full Brand Story Package? That's okay. We'll still make sure you have the necessities. Custom logo, typography, and color palette. Want to take your business to the next level? Check out the Brand Story package. It will be well worth it.

User Testing

We think your site will be great. Don't take our word for it though. Let our community of testers be the judge.

Mobile Friendly

Do you notice how many people have their heads down looking at their phones? Of course you do, because you don't live under a rock. Being able to have a website that meets the needs of mobile users is vital.

Curated Stock Photography

There are plenty of ways to include images on your website. Not all of which will benefit you. We'll take care of the details so you have high quality imagery, that won't get you into trouble.

Copywriting Collaboration

Words are hard. That's okay, we believe in partnering with our clients. Using our Copywriting Planner we work together to craft compelling customer focused copy.