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When it comes to marketing your business, the options are endless. Why begin with your brand story? Because it’s the foundation of all the marketing efforts that follow. Your brand story becomes the DNA that flows through everything you do—leading to a clear vision, and cohesive marketing efforts. At LimeMob, we partner with our clients to turn their unique stories into compelling brands. 


The Results


Take your Brand From Commodity to Asset ✚

The world is full of products. Hundreds of versions of anything we could possibly want. "Choice overload" is the order of the day. So how do we rise above and stand out in the crowd? Tell a story that matters to your true audience.

Develop a strong strategic compass for your business ✚

Where you want to go begins with knowing who you are are why you want to go there. As you map out your business goals, the brand story points you in the direction that will benefit your customers, and in turn, benefit you.

Build lasting relationships with your true audience ✚

Lasting relationships are built on loyalty. Why do you choose the brands you choose? They speak your language, share your values, or maybe they just make you feel good. When your customers feel this way about your brand they want to be loyal to you.

Tap into your customers needs ✚

Customers have needs, pain points, problems. You have your unique offering that meets those needs. How do we bridge the gap? Ah, that's where your brand story comes in. Born from a customer centric decision making process, your brand story becomes the siren song to your true audience.

Inspire employees to be part of the story ✚

How do your employees relate to your values, mission, and goals? An inspiring brand story lays the foundation for an inspired team.

Identify & hire the right talent ✚

A growing business may need additional team members. Who will you choose? Just as a great brand story attracts your true audience, so it will attract better teammates.


Ready to start crafting your brand story?


Brand Story Package

(Starting at $2500)



  • Brand Story Style Guide - Logo, typography, color scheme, brand imagery, brand voice, and other brand assets.

  • One month of Coaching (one hour per week, a $650 value).

  • 10% Discount on Complete Web Design package.

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”
— Simon Sinek

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