About Us


We believe in small businesses and solopreneurs. They embrace the unconventional. Having a great idea, a passion, a better way to do something—is the right reason to pursue it. This drive to do something better is what gives all of us such an exciting world to live in. We want to support that cause!


Our Purpose

We are dedicated partners of passionate small businesses & solopreneurs,  enhancing what they do so that they can shout their story from the rooftops.

What We Look Like...

Picture of Stephen

The Left Brain

Stephen Gast is one part entreprenuer, one part strategist, and 3 parts imagination & innovation. Stephen loves to learn and is a natural born businessman. He has an analytical, technical brain that Heather is always grateful to have around. 


Picture of Heather

The Right Brain

Heather Gast is delightful. Design, branding, communication—these are things that make Heather happy. She sees the world through a creative lens. Seeing inspiration and potential in the mundane makes her a great partner. She is at home in front of a crowd. Teaching others how to see the beauty around us is her gift. 


We're really very nice. We would love to work with you.

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